Excerpt from Dinner with a Bad Boy

     "Spare me the excuses, bad boy. Just because you glory in irresponsible rebellion doesn't mean the rest of us are that stupid." Then she stood at the door, her keys in hand as she waited for him to leave her condo.
     He echoed her stance, hands clenched by his sides as he stared at her. Just looking at him like that made her want to throw it all away—her job, her family, everything—just to run into his arms and kiss away that lost look in his eyes. But she couldn't. They were talking about her job. Still, it took all her strength to stand there without compromising, waiting for him to precede her out the door.
     "Do you even like accounting?" he challenged.
     The question hit her squarely between the eyes. No one had ever thought to ask before. Not even her. But she didn't have the energy to face the problem right now. Frank was waiting, and Mitch was too distracting for her to reevaluate her life right then. So she just stared at him, her lips pressed together, her mind whirling in chaos.
     "Fine," he finally spit out. "Fine with me." Then he stomped out, his body rigid with anger. She'd barely finished locking her door when she heard his motorcycle roar away.
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