Excerpt from Night Studies

     She was halfway down Michigan Street when it happened. She'd just passed the droopy maple where Joey had fallen and broken his arm when he was eleven. The normalness of the memory was futilely fighting with her other memory, of Mr. Gao, when both were obliterated by a bolt of lightning.
     Tszzzzz! It fried through her thoughts and her brain, making her hands spasm on the wheel. Her foot jerked, slamming on the pedal. Fortunately, she'd been slowing down, so the lightning made her jam her foot on the brake. The truck stopped with an ugly lurch, but her face didn't. She slammed forward, her arms too numb from the lightning bolt to resist. Her face and jaw hit the steering wheel with bruising impact. She gasped, blinking as her vision flowed from stark white to black to semi-normal again.
     At least the air bag hadn't deployed. In truth she hadn't done anything but slam on the brakes for no reason at all, but she felt as if she'd just been in a ten-car pileup. Tracy sat there in the middle of the road, breathing deeply, feeling her jaw throb, and...
     Wow. She tingled all over. Serious tingling with a side of throbbing, and not just in her face. 4C zipped into her thoughts, and just like that, her breasts tightened, her belly quivered, and lower down... Wow. She seriously needed to get a grip. A zillion fireflies were zipping through her system, firing up the most inappropriate places.
     She took a deep breath, trying to settle her nerves. Unfortunately, that only rubbed her breasts against her shirt, setting off another firestorm of sensations. Jeez, what was that? It was like a lightning strike of the hornies.
     Mr. Gao was still in her thoughts, only now her imagination made him naked. She could see his rippling muscles as clear as day, lean and perfectly sculpted. Then the two of them were in his bedroom, and he was promising to do amazing, erotic things to her. It was just how she'd fantasized a zillion times. Except this time, she wasn't in the privacy of her bedroom, she was in her truck in the middle of the street! Without her wanting it, her breath shortened, her pelvis shifted on the seat, and the throbbing lower down deepened into a bass drum.
     No, no, no! Not here! Clenching her jaw, she mentally obliterated all thoughts of Mr. 4C. Whatever weird energy thing he'd done to her, she was in control of her body. She would not succumb to this... this echo of whatever. It was not real. And even if it felt real, it was just temporary. Lightning-bolt intense, but very, very temporary.
     Gripping the steering wheel, Tracy pressed down on the accelerator. Her truck leaped forward with an ominous grind. Fortunately, she wasn't far from home. Minutes later, she pulled into her garage without any more throbbing. No less throbbing, but no new lightning strike of the hornies. She counted that as a win.
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