Excerpt from Date With The Devil

     "This tastes wonderful," Deidre said, peeling another piece of meat off the spit.
     Remembering how Sterling had gone about feeding her the night before, she teased his lips with it while slowly tracing her tongue around her own. "My turn," she murmured as seductively as she could manage, hoping he wouldn't notice that her fingers were beginning to shake.
     He stared at her hard, in a most unnerving way. Then suddenly, in a swift flash of movement, she felt his grip on her wrist. She was too stunned to do more than stare back. His eyes turned an ominous shade of earth mixed with steel.
     Her hand was so close to his mouth she could feel his harsh, ragged breath. Her mind constricted to pinpoint focus, until she was aware of nothing but the scent, the feel, and the frightening power of this dangerous man.
     Commanding her wrist, he slowly moved it forward. The meat disappeared into his mouth at the moment she felt the touch of his lips. His mouth closed over her fingers, and she began to breathe again, too shallowly, too fast. She tried to stifle the moan in her throat but failed.
     "Careful, Diedre," he warned softly. "Be very careful before you tease me like that again. We're all alone..." He nipped the tips of her fingers. "And, darlin', I like to bite..."
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