Excerpt from Just a Little Taboo

     "Why, Cammie? Why did it take you so long to see how I felt about you?" Grant asked fiercely.
     "I don't know." She took one last, forbidden feel of his thigh beneath her palm, then forced her hand away. "But we're playing with something dangerous and we have to stop."
     He lifted one hand to her neck, brushed it down the slender column with a feather-light touch, then stroked his thumb over the hollow where her pulse thrummed in a give-away rush.
     She cursed herself for the immediacy of her response, for the wildness surging against her will. "You shouldn't do that."
     He bent his head closer, and for one heart-stopping moment she thought he would kiss her. "How can anything so good be wrong?" he asked simply.
     She didn't have an answer.
     "Have I ever told you how I feel whenever our eyes meet?" he murmured.
     She shook her head, pulling away as he caressed the curls at her nape.
     "No? Well, did I ever tell you how I wish I could bury my face in your hair?"
     "No," she whispered.
     "You have no idea the number of times I've imagined tasting your mouth, devouring it, kissing you until you whimpered for more."
     "Please," she begged. "Please stop."
     "I won't force you, Cammie. But you are fighting yourself, not me. Like it or not, you do want me. And we both know it..."
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