Excerpt from Just a Little Sin

      "About Loren." Dee could only shake her head. "I apologize for her behavior. It was inexcusable."
     "No problem. She's at a tough age, but she'll outgrow it."
     "Not soon enough to suit me. If I survive Loren, it'll be a miracle."
     "You'll survive." He said it as if it were already a done deal.
     "How can you be so sure?"
     "Because I believe in miracles."
     Something warm and fuzzy and delicious seemed to spark in his eyes. Before she could deflect it, the feeling reached down inside her, filling up an empty place that life had hollowed out. She had a sudden urge to touch him, to discover if the feel of him was half as moving or good as the almost tactile sensation his gaze created.
     With difficulty Dee broke the visual bond and hoisted a large fern from the box on the porch.
     "Speaking of miracles," she said brightly, "I don't think they extend to boxes unpacking themselves. Thanks for coming by, Rev—Matt."
     Reaching up to hang the fern on a hook, she missed by several inches.
     When she stood on tiptoe and strained higher, Matt edged closer, his voice oddly tight. "I'll get that."
     Their hands brushed. White cotton met naked thigh.
     She felt a distinct ripple, a tingle, where they touched. Looking up at him, Delilah felt the earlier warmth inside spread. Just as sweet. Just as welcome. But intense.
     Chemical. Earthy. And something more.
     This time it was he who broke their locked gazes.
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