About The Author

Patricia Hagan

Patricia Hagan is the New York Times bestselling author of 42 novels and a proud mother of a U.S. Navy SEAL.
A graduate of the University of Alabama, majoring in English, Patricia taught creative writing and has served as a guest speaker at writers' conferences across the U.S. She is also an award-winning former Radio/TV Motorsports journalist, having covered NASCAR stock car racing. She has also traveled extensively as a travel writer, reviewing cruise ships all over the world.  Patricia now resides in South Florida.

Romantic Suspense

Final Justice

Vietnam war hero Luke Ballard thought his miserable childhood, ridiculed as a bastard in a small Alabama town, was behind him. Then his beloved mother, with her dying breath, reveals how she was raped by three men the night he was conceived, and he secretly vows to avenge her.
Luke runs for town sheriff and wins. It's the 60's, and his sights are not only on debasing the monsters who violated his mother, but he must confront corruption, gambling, prostitution and the KKK, rendering his own brand of justice.
Along the way, Luke meets Emma Jean, the much-abused wife of his old high-school nemesis, and falls in love.
As secret, passionate rendezvous and deadly determination turn into a maelstrom of retribution, Luke and Emma must unravel the truth to create their own final justice.

Historical Western Romance

Say You Love Me

Jacie Calhoun should have married the man who worshiped her.
But, she needed to know the truth about her mother. Was she really alive, a captive of the Comanche?
Luke Howling Wolf can't lose his beloved adopted mother, Sunstar, his Comanche tribe's white medicine woman. Somehow, he must keep Sunstar's identity secret, especially from the interloper claiming to be her daughter, no matter how the young white-woman's determination and innocence challenges his heart.

Simply Heaven

Steve Maddox was determined to keep his promise—to bring his best friend's estranged daughter, Raven, back to the family's Alabama plantation.
But Raven—a wild, beautiful half-breed cast out by her dead mother's Tonkawa tribe—holds only fiery distain for the white-man. So, why is this broad-shouldered man of pale-skin and heavenly embraces quenching her desire for independence


Samara Labonte is the prettiest passenger aboard the train to Kansas City. Delicate and elegantly dressed, she hides a tumultuous past and holds hope that America might offer happiness... maybe even love.
Then blood-curdling cries fill the air.
Swept from the train by wild painted savages, Samara fears her life is over. But not even fear can overtake the growing attraction for her mysterious bronze-skinned captor and his exotic new world.

Orchids in Moonlight

Together, the lovers ride the dangerous Sierra ranges.
Jaime Chandler, in search for her father, is finally in the care of the one man—Cord Austin—who can safely lead her to San Francisco.
Cord is guarding the dark secret of his heritage and vows to leave his passion for Jaime behind in the dust.
But when the search for Jaime's father ends in an unexpected web of treachery and deceit, the lovers discover a truth neither dare deny

Souls Aflame Series

This Rebel Heart

1860's Georgia, Nassau, and the Bahamas.
Her brother branded a traitor, and her beloved plantation facing ruin, Julie Marshall agrees to marry a fortune-hunter and sets sail on the Ariane, a blockade-running frigate bound for London -- and her hated fiancé. But the plan is interrupted by Captain Derek Arnhardt, whose warm caress ignites her passion into a raging fire.

The sea has always been Derek's lover...until he is shipwrecked on the Gulf Stream with Julie. Plunging recklessly into passion, they tempt fate and enemy cannon from Bermuda to Savannah...to shadowy intrigue that could divide them forever -- or seal the love that set their souls aflame!

This Savage Heart

Georgia, 1864, The Way West

Separated from her lover Captain Derek Arnhardt by a cruel twist of fate, when Julie Marshal joins a wagon train heading west, she's astonished to discover Derek as the wagon master.
Love renewed, Derek and Julie make plans to marry upon reaching Arizona. But fate deals a different hand when the wagon train is attacked by Indians, Derek is captured, and Julie is kidnapped by a sinister gun runner.
Unwilling to live without each other, Julie and Derek brave the worst the untamed West has to offer, to win their happily ever after.

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