Excerpt from Outlaw Rising

     When Kara's Banshee spacecraft's sensors sounded a piercing alarm, she was on her feet instantly. Stranded on a small planet formerly used as a penal colony, she relied upon her years of training to repel what she was certain would be a vicious attack by a band of renegades with an insatiable lust for blood.
     What she saw instead was a single man who appeared to be more astonished than dangerous. He was a ruggedly handsome brute, deeply tanned with a flowing mane of thick blond hair that had been bleached by the blazing light of Altair until it was nearly as white as the sand upon which he stood. He wore no more than a pair of tan shorts suspended precariously low on his narrow hips and crudely fashioned leather boots. He carried a long spear with a wickedly sharp steel tip, and Kara hoped he would not prove violent as she wished him no harm.
     Aidan had spent his entire life training to repel an invasion, so he knew spaceships existed although he'd never seen one. His attention was quickly diverted from the wonder of the spacecraft by the iridescent fabric of the owner's suit. Nearly transparent, the soft swells it so enticingly revealed proclaimed the pilot loudly as a female despite the short cut of her astonishingly bright red hair. To find a woman from the sky was a difficult happenstance to grasp, but he intended to keep her and smiled so she'd not be afraid.
     Kara reached into the cockpit to silence the alarm, but remained close enough to the Banshee to leap inside if the man's actions proved threatening. While they undoubtedly shared nothing in common but the human form, she wanted to explain her presence in a manner he could readily understand. Straightening up proudly, she sent the scantily clad man the Alado Corporation's message of greeting.
     A tidal wave of pleasure dazzled Aidan's senses and weakened his knees as it swept clear through his well-muscled body. The most beautiful voice he had ever heard flooded his mind with celestial song. The words were incredibly sweet, and the tenderness of their meaning brought tears to his eyes. He could do no more than stare wide-eyed at the red-haired female, fascinated not only by her remarkable powers, but also by her extraordinary appearance. She the first woman he had met who was his equal in height, but she was very slender, her features of such delicate perfection he thought she must be a princess in her world. Her eyelashes were so long and thick they cast shadows upon her cheeks, and the color of her eyes was a startling amber hue. It was not until his glance had moved over her several times that he realized while he heard her voice clearly her lips hadn't moved.
     "How do you talk without speaking?" he asked in dismay.
     "I'm projecting my thoughts directly to your mind," she explained, sending the thought with a wave of incredible beauty. It was a skill all Alado scouts possessed, an invaluable self-defense tool that shielded them from harm whether the threat came from hostile personnel of another corporation or an as yet undiscovered enemy from space. "If you'd like me to respond with words, I will."
     Aidan was no fool. This woman was the most remarkable being he had ever encountered, and any way she wished to communicate with him would do. He just hoped she couldn't read his mind.
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