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Welcome to the eBook Discovery Read & Review Club.
The eBook Discovery Read & Review Club is a group of serious Readers who enjoy a variety of books and routinely share reviews at one or more major eBook eRetailer.
eBook Discovery Reviewers download, for FREE, new and back-list titles written by emerging, award-winning, and well-known NYT/USA Today bestselling authors and post an honest review at any major eBook eRetailer.

Becoming an eBook Discovery Reviewer

Reviewer Qualifications

To become an eBook Discovery Reviewer all you need is...

 1. A love for ebooks.

 2. A way to download and read ebooks on an eReader device, computer, phone, tablet or app.

 3. The willingness to post honest reviews at the eRetailer(s) of your choice.

 4. Time to read and review at least two ebooks a month (ebooks will be provided free of charge).

5. Agree to abide by the Read & Review Club's simple Terms & Conditions.

How the program works

1. Subscribe to eBook Discovery's Read & Review Club. There is no cost.

2. Within a few days, you will receive a special eZine in your email box. The eZine will contain books available to you to download. The books selections will be based upon your selected reading preferences. 

3. Read the download book(s). If you don't care for the story and do not wish to finish the book, stop reading and see our FAQ page for next steps.

4. When you are finished reading the story, post an honest review at the major ebook eRetailer of your choice. All reviews are voluntary.

5. Complete the 10-second survey. The link is located at the end of the story.

6. Completing the survey keeps your place in the Club.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reviewers often have lots of questions from the general stuff to the technical stuff.

Here are answers to the
questions most frequently asked.

If you don't find your answer on our FAQ page, please contact us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Please allow for longer response times if you are contacting us on the weekend or holiday.

For Authors Only

Tired of begging for reader reviews? The eBook Discovery Read & Review club may be for you.

What our Review Club is:
 1. A simple and affordable way for authors to connect with a large group of avid readers who voluntarily post honest reviews.
 2. A way for avid readers to acquire good books.
 3. We fully adhere to the highest ethical standards and remain in-line with Amazon's latest rules, regulations and policies.

What our Review club is NOT: a pay for review service. Our club members receive no compensation, except for a free copy of your book.

Please Note: Your paid fee does not buy book reviews. You are paying to reach a select group of avid readers who have self-identified as readers and reviewers of the genre (category) of your book. 

Do eBook Discovery's Reviewers really review? Yes. 
Readers who join our Club but a)go one month without downloading a book for review or b)go two months without voluntarily particiapting in Club activities, are scrubbed from the Club's list. Why? We want reliable readers who read books and voluntarily post honest reviews.

How does the program work?
 1. You pay one flat fee. We handle the rest.
 2. A page is added to the back of your ebook that contains links to the major eRetailer(s) where your book is listed. Club members use these easy-links to voluntarily post honest reviews.
 3. We place your book and its corresponding download link in a PRIVATE eZine and send it to our Reviewers who have self-identified as readers & reviewers of your book's genre (category). 
 4. Readers have 5 days to download a copy of your book from our servers. Then the link expires. Available copies are also limited. This safeguards against any possibility of rampant downloads.
 5.  Download links to Read & Review Club books appear NOWHERE on the public internet.
 6.  Reader/reviewers may post reviews at any time, at any place where your book is listed.

The safety of your book, and gathering reviews for your book, are our highest priorities.

Want to see how the Read & Review club works from the Readers' POV? Visit our Read & Review Club website.

Want to learn about Club results? Go to What authors are saying about the Read and Review Club.

Book Requirements:
 1. The eBook version of your book must be listed with at least two major eRetailers, or (for Amazon KU titles) be listed on Goodreads as well as Amazon.
 2. You must have access to the .epub or .mobi or .docx version of your book.
 3. You must have a Paypal account.

Submit your title for consideration.

What happens next?: If your title is accepted for the Read & Review Club, we will contact you via email with additional instructions. You will also be asked to provide a .epub, .mobi or .docx of your book, at that time. 


Please Note: eBook Discovery does not accept Poetry, Children's books, or Erotica. All eBook Discovery decisions are final.