Ghost of a Chance

     Josh's hands were in Tori's hair, those wispy baby-fine locks slipping through his fingers like raindrops. He shouldn't be doing this, he knew, shouldn't have allowed it to happen the first time, but how could he stop now? Tori was the unattainable, his idea of the perfect mate, a woman far too good for mortal man. Much too good for him.
     Then again, he was no longer mortal. In fact, they were both dead. Were the rules different in purgatory or limbo, wherever they were? Maybe there were no guidelines at all with the exception of their angel/guide's crazy ideas of keeping them in line. What if this moment was all they would have of the afterlife, of each other?
     Tori moaned suddenly and shifted her position. Now they were almost face to face, her sweet breath feathering the rim of Josh's ear, the pulse at her throat beating softly against his lips. Nothing else mattered but the feel of Tori here in his arms. He kissed her, gently at first, and then passion overtook him. He kissed her deeply, stroking the hollow of her throat, and imagined what it must be like to make love to her, the epitome of womanhood.
     That thought and that alone cooled his ardor and gave him pause. He knew Tori had dated during her college years and that she'd dated off and on as his assistant, but also knew in his heart that she was still pure, an innocent. She'd told him early in their friendship that she intended to wait until she married the presumed father of her children before letting things get too physical, and as far as he knew, she'd kept that vow. If there could be any changing of her mind, it would have to come from her, not him.
     Josh released her... and promptly fell off of the couch. As he lay there trying to figure out what was real and what was imaginary, it occurred to him that if the accident hadn't happened, he might never have known the sheer pleasure of simply lying in Tori's arms; would never have felt so completely happy; most of all, would never have realized that Tori Olson truly was a woman worth dying for. And because of that, she was sort of his.
     For now.
     The following morning when Josh awoke he realized immediately that he was still lying on the floor. As he rose up on one elbow, he saw a few customers were already milling about the store and that Tori was standing in front of the bay window. She appeared to be in some kind of trance as she stared out at the living world. Her hair lay in its usual soft waves, not mussed or flattened in any way, and her skin was the same ivory shade with just a subtle glow around the cheeks. Not bad for a dead woman, he thought with a chuckle.
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