About The Author

Sylvie Kurtz

Flying an eight-hour solo cross-country in a Piper Arrow with only the airplane's crackling radio and a large bag of M&Ms for company, Sylvie Kurtz realized a pilot's life wasn't for her. The stories zooming in and out of her mind proved more entertaining than the flight. Not a quitter, she finished her pilot's course, earning a commercial license and an instrument rating. Since then, she's traded in her pilot's license for a keyboard, where she lets her imagination soar to create fictional adventures that explore the complexity of the human mind and the thrill of 
suspense. She has written 20 books.

A Little Christmas Magic

The only way Beth Lannigen can get through the holidays is by staying too busy to cry. So she adds her new surly neighbor to her long to-do list. For Christmas, she'll make Logan Ward smile.
But Logan Ward is punishing himself. Guilt ridden over the loss of his young daughter, the ex-cop wants the cold isolation of his new dilapidated house. Hard work and sweat will see him through Christmas.
Until the brightest woman he's ever seen shows up at his door, her small son and an abandoned dog in tow.
Around mother and child, Logan discovers the hero he'd once been hailed. But Beth is wrong: life can't simply go on after losing a dear one.
Beth isn't prepared for Logan to become more than a project. She'd loved her husband with her whole heart. There's no room for another man.
Then disaster strikes, giving Beth a chance to expand her heart and Logan a few short hours to honor his daughter's memory by convincing Beth's small son that Santa hasn't forgotten him.

Hidden Legacy

A jewel thief has kidnapped Juliana Shales's daughter, leaving Juliana no choice but to steal the Nadyenka Sapphire and trade the royal treasure for her daughter's safe return. But she'll have to steal it from Special Agent Lucas Vassilovich, the only man she's ever loved.
Lucas is using the Sapphire to trap the jewel thief making a fool of him. He has no idea he's about snare the woman who's haunted his dreams for the past six years.
With his career on the line, Lucas is willing to do anything to protect Juliana, until he discovers the legacy she's kept hidden from him

One Texas Night

Everything's more intense in the heat of a Texas night.
Lieutenant Grady Slone wants answers about a murder. Melinda Amery has none, except that nothing good will come from remembering.
But Grady is the kind of cop who won't let go. Then Melinda's memories begin to return, revealing more than either of them wanted to know

Personal Enemy

For executive bodyguard Adria Caskey, business is personal.
When Adria takes on a secretarial job her plan is to exploit Peter Dragon's weaknesses and crumble his business empire—just as his father destroyed her family.
But someone else already has the financial wizard in his sights, forcing Adria to protect her mark and delay her chance to exact her own revenge.
As the pair grow closer, Peter reveals a unexpected truth, leaving Adria with a difficult choice: keep a promise of honor or honor her moral compass

Broken Wings

One last chance. That's all Colin Castle has to prove he isn't a total failure. But something goes terribly wrong on his routine flight in a replica war plane. Now Colin stands in another time, facing a beautiful woman who will forever haunt his dreams.
One final hope. That's all Liesl Erhardt has to make good on a promise to fulfill her murdered husband's dream. The mysterious Colin with his miraculous plane may be the answer to her prayers. But dare she risk her heart to a gift from the sky?

Silver Shadows

Kyra Kirtland has come to Utah in search of balance, but soon even her waking hours are filled with visions of an ominous silver shadow threatening her sanity. To make matters worse, Mac McKane, the man who left her at the altar seven years ago, is the only person able to keep her grounded.
With Kyra back in his arms, Mac's past has returned to haunt him. Kyra's only chance at freedom from the shadow: join forces with him. But can a love spurned reunite to conquer all?


Sierra Martindale was one of the best P.I.s in the business... until life stopped her cold with one hell of a detour.
For Sierra, risk came with the job, and all risks were calculated to come out in her favor. Until her heart gave out while evading a target.
Following a lifesaving transplant, Sierra awoke with another woman's heart beating in her chest, a new aversion to risk, and an insistent voice in her head telling her the donor's death wasn't an accident.
Sierra sets out to find the truth for the woman who'd given her a second chance at life. But every step forces Sierra deeper into danger—and right into the arms of the haunted widower who loved and lost her donor.

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